Adam Barker


 St. Petersburg, FL

 Other Sponsors:
 TeaZa Energy, Surf Shack Surf Shop

 Education & Ambitions:
 Build my career, compete.


Why do you skim?

Cause it’s amazing : )

Who influences you the most?
My Dad, Mom and Grandma.

What qualities are the most important to be on the team?
To set a good example to the skimboarders around me.  Skim because I love it and compete because I want to keep building.  Represent WZ and TeaZa.  

Big “life lesson” learned?
Never forget to bring my skimboard when I am near the beach.  

What do you do with your time spent out of the water?
Girls, play basketball, skateboard.

Biggest phobia?
The dark.

Where do you think the skimboarding industry is going to go from where it is now?
X Games - ha

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