Wave Zone History

In 1990, after 6 years in sporting goods management and windsurfing/sailing instruction Jeff Shinham opened Wave Zone Custom Surf Shop in Manatee County, Florida. This shop specialized in custom surf boards, custom skimboards, skate boards and wind surfers among the hard goods product lines. With a full service surf shop by day and a board builder workshop at night, countless hours were spent building the powerful business that exists today. Jeff was found every night shaping and building custom surf boards and skimboards in a workshop in his back yard. Over the years, hundreds of Wave Zone custom surf boards and custom skimboards have been built and sold.

Originally, each skimboard was shaped and glassed in the same manner as a surf board. In the late 1990's Clark Foam discontinued the production of the foam used in shaping our skimboard cores. Much like the surf board blank shortage of 2005/2006 we found ourselves pushed toward new product design, while using epoxy products as a temporary fix. Nearly a full year was spent designing and building our first pvc foam core and fiberglass skimboard product. Extensive research, design and test riding went into the first boards (and continue to go into every Wave Zone Skimboard that is engineered).

The new boards were initially sold only through the Wave Zone Surf Shop, but within a year Jeff was receiving requests to make boards for other surf shops in Florida. The first summer of wholesaling brought 30 surf shops on board and carrying the Wave Zone brand... gone were the days of back yard production.

The coming years brought 5 moves to newer, larger facilities to accommodate the massive growth of Wave Zone Skimboards. The booming business made it impossible to continue operating the Surf Shop and Jeff moved exclusively to manufacturing and wholesaling of the Wave Zone brand. Today Wave Zone Skimboards can be found in hundreds of surf shops around the United States and island locations.

At Wave Zone, good enough is never good enough. We strive every day to bring our boards and our business to the highest levels of performance.





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